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When you need car tyres serviced, repaired or changed, drive to Geoff Conley Automotive.

Located in Culburra, our mechanics welcome your car for Tyre fitting, Wheel Balancing and all mechanical services. Call Geoff Conley Auto now or make a car service appointment in Culburra now!

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Regular Tyre Checkup

At Geoff Conley car service, we will inspect if the thread on each tyre is at least 1.6mm deep across the central three quarters of the thread width going around the complete circuference of the tyre. Then we will make sure that your tyres are correctly fitted to each axle, if they are the same size, type and structure. We will also inspect if there are any serious cuts or bulges on the tyres.

At Culburra tyre service by Geoff Conley Automotive, our mechanics provide:
• tyre sales
• tyre fitting
• tyre repairs
• tyre balancing
• tyre vulcanisation
• wheel alignment, balancing and geometry
• all sizes of new high quality tyres from leading brands (Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Dunlop, Toyo, Kumho, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Yokohama, Hankook, Vredestein and more)
• budget tyres also available

Quite a large number of tyres have to be replaced due to use while under-inflated, causing premature wear and breakage. To maintain tyre and your safety on the road you should check your tyre condition regularly. Our computerised wheel balancing machine will also take care of the vibrations, further helping to reduce steering and suspension wear.

Tyres are constantly in contact with the road when you are driving, so you should be aware what condition your tyres are in and when they are due for next regular service checkup. The easiest way is to simply give Geoff Conley Automotive a call or reserve the time for a tyre service.

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Extending lifespan of your tyres

Replacing all your car tyres in the same go may be expensive. In addition to regular servicing to maintain your car in peak condition, you can invest a little bit of care and maintenance to help extend the life of your tyres. Given that tyres are the base connection to the road for your entire car, it is crucial to keep them well conditioned and looked after.

Always keep the tyre caps on your valves and well fastened. The purpose of those little black caps is to keep the air inside the tyres under pressure - and also keep dirt and moisture out. Even a little foreign body on the valve could cause leaks and undesired tyre pressure.

Maintain correct tyre pressure, as even a slightly flat tyre causes unneeded extra heat, friction, stress and wobbliness that can impair the driving accuracy and certainly will shorten the life cycle of your tyres. In the space of just one month, your tyres can lose up to 10% of their pressure!

Check tyre pressure at least monthly and even often in the hot Australian climate. It is preferable to do the reading before driving, as cold tyre will give you the most accurate pressure reading. Unevenly inflated tyres will result in uneven weight distribution, affecting traction, braking and steering type alignment. Maintaining correct tyre pressure is paramount for your driving safety and the life of other car components - not to mention a more reasonable fuel consumption, which is a great extra, considering constantly rising fuel prices.

Depending on your driving habits, the road conditions and tyre position, they will wear in different places. It is always a good idea to rotate the tyres around to spread the wear evenly. A great help here would be the manual of your car which could specify the recommended tyre rotation schedule, and you can always ask any of our mechanics to advise on the tyre details, mileage and any signs that indicate your tyres are due for service.

Another trick you should implement in your car inspection before you get on the road is checking for moisture. Before you inflate the tyres at a gas station, press down on the pin inside the inflator valve of the pump. If any moisture is released or even if your thumb feels damp, then there is moisture in the air pump and you should advise the owner that the pump needs draining. If water gets inside your tyres, it causes pressure variations, shorter tyre lifespan, possibly even rust of wheels and rims, so you are better off by using another tyre inflation station. Naturally, it is always most efficient to trust your tyre and car maintenance to professionals, thus we invite you to call us now and book the car service you require with Geoff Conley Automotive in Culburra.

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